Monday, 13 August 2012

you are my sunshine

Apparently, due to the excessive daytime napping routine I've developed, I can no longer get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Early night, what early night? The days of bath, book, bed are long gone my friends, instead, I'm online researching oh-so-important topics like Prince Harry's real name, who knew it was Henry, really? There goes my patriotism out the window. But I'm going off track here. 
What I really wanted to talk about was how amaaaazing the weather's been this week! Wowzers! (as my three year old niece would say).
Finally Summer feels like it's here and although it may only last for a little while (touch wood), it's still great to have some sun. The only downside is the daily - boring - routine, of leg shaving, which us girls don't have to endure when the weather's not fab. Wow I'm moving in with my boyfriend next month and I'm already letting myself go, sexy!
I've spent this week on the beach with family, walking my dog through the woods with my boyfriend, hunting for treasures at craft fairs, watching a street magician juggle torches of fire from a 10ft unicycle and eating lots and lots of ice cream! It's safe to say everything is better in the sun.

Of course, summer means a whole new wardrobe, and my favourite summer outfit is.. the playsuit! It's super sexy, can easily be transformed from a day-to-night outfit, and comes in the most gorgeous patterns. Here's my fave playsuits around right now...

Playsuits are timeless and so versatile, team them with a denim jacket or cardi with sandals during the day, and throw some heels on for partying through the night!
What's your favourite summer outfit?

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