Monday, 29 April 2013

what's making me smile

Hey lovelies! I said this a few months ago but I'm really sorry for being so awol for so long. Sadly my boyfriend and I split up three months ago, and I've been struggling to come to terms with the change ever since. We were together for two years and lived together which made it even more difficult, but I'm taking things one day at a time, and slowly starting to piece my life together again.
My friends have been amazing over the past few months, and every day I'm seeing more and more benefits of the single life! I've reconnected with a lot of friends, made some new ones, and regained a lot of independence that I always seem to lose when in relationships.
I'm going to try and put a lot of time and energy into my blog from now on, I've been journalling a lot which really helps but it's nice to have another outlet, which encourages me to stop being so miserable and think about something else!
Here's a few pictures of things that have been making me smile lately...

Reconnecting with old friends...
....and making new ones!

girls nights out...
 ...guys' nights out...

...nights out in general!

dressing up in a princess tiara for my friend's 21st, so classy!

and ruining that classiness in the following photo ;)

new hair, pretty dresses and nail art...

 (poor attempt!)

and homemade cupcakes and yummy breakfasts!

Sorry this post has been so picture heavy, I guess I've had a lot of things that are making me smile lately, hope you are too! Much love x