Tuesday, 6 November 2012

happy (late) halloween!

Hello lovelies! I'm sorry I've been so awol lately, but we finally got internet in our flat yesterday after 7 weeks without it (yay!) so expect lots more posts! I've got lots of reviews I'm looking forward to showing you.
I just thought I'd show you some of my Halloween pics first though. Me, Zak and some Uni friends went out on the Monday two days before Halloween, and I dressed as a scary cat (cliche I know).

Me and Zakary

Me and one of my best friends Anth (in red). Apparently I thought it was hilarious that the other guy looked 'so much like him' and 'just had to get a picture' haha!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

mini MUA haul

I'm loving all things MUA at the moment, they're such amazing products from as little as £1, so I had a mini shop the other day to cheer me up, here's what I got..

Clear Mascara £1
I've been using this as a brow comb/gel, that's why it has some weird looking brown-ness on the end haha

Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black £1
Absolutely love that this comes with a built in sharpener!

Lipstick £1

Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in Pink Sugar £2

Lipgloss, Lipstick and Eyeliner swatches

Anyone else loving MUA? x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

lipstick of the day & review

make gif

Hey sweeties! How are you all? Good I hope! Today I'm going to review one of my favourite lipsticks, which I wore yesterday which is Rimmel London's Lipstick in shade 22, from the Kate Moss collection.
I'd had a red lipstick from Rimmel before and hadn't thought much of it, but thought I'd give the Kate collection a go, and am pleasantly surprised. As you can see from the pictures it has quite an orange undertone, which I love 'cause I usually go for coral or pink lipsticks rather than red, but every girl should have a statement red lipstick right?
The pictures above make it look a little lighter/orange than it actually is so I've taken some photos to show you how stunning the red colour is..
The packaging is too cute!
The lipstick itself has a thick consistency which gives incredible colour from the first coat. It's a really intense classic Kate Moss colour, definitely the shade to wear if you want to stand out. I'd wear it on both day and night, toning it down with a coat of lipbalm for shopping and piling the colour on for clubbing. It lasts ages too, and random but it smells amazing! I usually hate that stereotypical lipstick smell but I get a hint of watermelon from this, lovely, and at only £5.49 it's not going to break the bank, definitely recommend! 
My fave lippy is also from this collection so I'll be reviewing that soon.
Have any of you tried this colour? What did you think? x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

weekend in the woods

On Saturday my mum came up to visit us in our new flat for the first time. I’d only seen her once in the past week to have a quick lunch so it was nice to spend a whole day with her. We went for breakfast in Wetherspoons which was so yummy, and then spent a couple of hours looking around the shops.
About two streets up from where we live is the Museum and Winter Gardens, and a huge park with ducks and swans hehe. The Winter Gardens is an ‘indoor rainforest’, full of tropical plants, a fish pond, and a glass lift which transports you to a ‘treetop walk’ (you can use the stairs too but they’re scary and I’m afraid of heights!) From the upper level you can see all of the trees and plants, it’s such a gorgeous place for photos or just to come and enjoy nature. We spent a while in there, taking lots of photos and fed the ducks too, weirdly they weren't interested at all though hmm. Here's some of the pictures we took :)
What I wore
Jumper-River Island £28
Skirt-New Look £8 in sale
Shoes-Primark £10
Bag-Miso for Republic £35
How were your weekends lovelies?

Monday, 1 October 2012

october wants

I can't believe it's October already, wow where's the year gone?! I feel completely cheated out of Summer..
Here's my October wants...

I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots that will see me through till Spring and I've finally found them. River Island have a sale on Thursday so I'll be snapping up these little beauties!

Wow, I never thought I'd bother getting a BB cream but this stuff is actually a miracle in a tube! I'll do a full review when I get some. Boots have a 2 for £10 deal on Maybelline cosmetics at the moment so I'll have to treat myself to something else too!

I don't think I'll actually be getting these as they're a little out of my price range for nail polishes, but they are gorgeous in every way, even the packaging is fab. I love the caviar nail art look, but maybe I'll try it with a cheaper alternative first.

4. All the MUA make-up I can carry, ££££££
I've recently started buying MUA make up and it's amazing, especially for the dirt cheap prices. There's so many gorgeous products and colours, I want to own the whole collection.

Ms Ahern's new book comes out on the 11th October and I can't wait! She's my favourite author, I have all of her books lined up cutely on my bookcase haha. 

'Journalist Kitty Logan′s career has been destroyed by scandal, and she now faces losing the woman who guided and taught her everything she knew. At her mentor′s bedside, Kitty asks her -- what is the one story she always wanted to write?
The answer lies in a file buried in Constance′s office: a list of one hundred names. There is no synopsis, no explanation, nothing else to explain what the story is or who these people are. The list is simply a mystery.
But before Kitty can talk to her friend, it is too late.
With everything to prove, Kitty is assigned the most important task of her life -- to write the story her mentor never had the opportunity to. Kitty has to not only track down and meet the people on Constance′s list, but find out what connects them. And, in the process of hearing ordinary people′s stories, she uncovers Constance′s -- and starts to understand her own.'

Ooh exciting stuff!

So that's my October wants list, what do you have on your wishlist atm? Anyone tried any of the things on my wishlist?

Sunday, 30 September 2012

wedding daze

Firstly, sorry for the corny title, haha but it had to be done! I came home especially this weekend for my friend Kayleigh's wedding which was yesterday, it was such a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and Kayleigh looked beautiful. I got to catch up with friends I hadn't seen for a while, and it was a lovely send off for Kayleigh and Ste who are moving to Germany this week.
Also, there was an amazing table full of jars and jars of sweets, yum! I got loads of pick and mix, lollies, strawberry laces, the lot. Best idea ever!
I decided to wear a black peplum top with black leggings and white peep-toe heels, it was a lot of black for a wedding, but I'd only brought dresses with me for the weekend and hadn't anticipated 100mph wind, I didn't want a Marilyn Monroe moment to steal Kayleigh's thunder!

Sunday, 23 September 2012


I don't think I've ever been more excited about the colder months creeping up on us. When I was younger, Summer was my favourite time of year...six weeks off cream...and warm(ish) weather, what was there to like about Winter? Colds, darkness at half 7 at night, and dry skin - no thanks!
When I was very little and lived in the Lake District, my lovely -if not a little eccentric- mother would take me for long walks and we'd skip through the crunchy autumnal leaves together. She taught me to appreciate the little things, so I've learned that although the weather gets scarily colder, there's a lot to look forward to in Autumn and Winter.
The other day while shopping with Zak, I saw one certain shop already had an aisle stocked with Christmassy things, and caught myself saying, 'Ooh I'll have to buy you an advent calendar soon!' - woah, slow down Rosie, it's September. I'm shocked at Halloween stuff being in stores already nevermind Christmas things, but the thought of all things wintery is getting me excited!
Dressing up for Halloween, playing with sparklers on Bonfire night, snuggling up in front of the fire with a book, and carving pumpkins, yay! Aaaaaaand I think one of the main reasons I'm so excited for A/W12 is because of the fashion, it's amazing this year! Here's some of my fave pieces...

Short Slim Fit Duffle in Cranberry, £275,
Gloverall do the most beautiful coats, I'm a sucker for a gorgeous winter coat that will keep me toasty till Spring, and red is one of my favourite colours. I think this really fits in with Autumn, and it's such a lovely design.

  Knitted Shimmer Star Jumper, £36, Topshop
I am in loooooove with the star print trend going on at the moment, especially on jumpers like this that look so cosy and perfect for snuggling up in. Celebs such as Rihanna and Ashlee Simpson have been seen wearing them, and they're just a perfect statement piece to liven up an otherwise plain outfit.

 Ashlee Simpson, I love how she's styled this outfit.
The socks and shoes look is back, and is possibly my favourite Autumn look. It not only looks amazing, but keeps your tootsies warm too, win win!
What are your favourite Autumn/Winter looks? Are you enjoying the cooler nights and wrapping up or wishing you could be back in your bikini? x

the do's and don'ts of uni - advice to my first year self

  1. Point one was going to be - don't go in to lessons still drunk, but let's face it, it's hilarious, especially when studying Drama. My friend Anth and I even thought of taking some vodka into Uni to liven things up - can you tell I'm serious about my studies? ;)
  2. Leading on from point one, seriously, don't go in drunk if you want to do well, but going in drunk is better than not going in at all - get out of bed and get to uni!!
  3. Don't flash your boobs to male uni friends on a drunken night out - especially if one of them has a girlfriend! Furthermore, don't wear that boob tube with your satin bra to uni a few weeks later. It will accidentally slip down in front of said guy with girlfriend (how unlucky!!), you will then be known as 'Topless', and that guys girlfriend will hate you even more.
  4. Don't even think about attempting to dance along to some fun Greek music on a night out. Kicking your legs up + heels + a wet wooden dancefloor = disaster.
  5. 50 minutes sleep before going into uni is not enough!! It may seem like a great idea at the time to have that tenth jagerbomb when you have a 9am start the next morning, but believe me, it's really not.
  6. Please try not to blow your whole loan on clothes and beauty products..there's still a loooong way to go before the next financial instalment and living off noodles until then is not as yummy as it sounds!
Any embarrassing stories from Uni? I feel so much more grown up being a second year muhahaha, although I am in the process of changing courses, watch this space ;) Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Zak and I moved in together about a week and a half ago, and don't have internet yet. It's getting installed on the 5th November which is just way too long to wait, arghhh. So I'm having a Sunday library sesh to ease my blogging withdrawl symptoms. Much love! x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

busy bee

I've been so busy lately and haven't had time to blog as much as I'd like! I spent this weekend in Leeds for my friend Kayleigh's hen party, it was lovely to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I'm moving back to Sunderland for Uni with Zak tomorrow, very nervous to move into our first place together, and I'm still packing now eeek! We're not going to have internet straight away either which will be torture, but I've decided to use the no-internet time to catch up with the reading I didn't get round to over summer. I've got bags full of books packed, and I won't even get started on the clothes. Zak's basically taking a change of clothes and a toothbrush haha.
I spent a lovely day with my mum on Monday, we went to Pizza Hut where I took full advantage of the lunchtime buffet, and then went to the cinema to see Anna Karenina, which was amazing and is now top of my reading list.
I woke up this morning to a gorgeous lemon cupcake, I have such weird breakfast habits, I crave chocolate and other sweet things in the morning, then as soon as I've got my sugar fix, I'm good to go.

I'm up early tomorrow to finish packing and say bye to family etc etc etc, so I best be off to bed shortly! I promise to catch up on all of your lovely blogs asap, good luck to whoevers starting/going back to uni and fighting the packing demons!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

life as of lately

feeding horsies/my favourite ice lolly ever/more horsies/strawberry milkshake/finally some sun/bees/mmm pancakes/eating healthily/feeding squirrels

Hi sweeties, after wishing for good weather alllll summer, we finally get some sun in September, when I'll be heading back to Uni and spending my days in a dark drama studio with no windows, typical! So I've been making the most of the good weather by doing lots of summery things, and wearing all the summer clothes that have been gathering dust in my wardrobe.
Me and Zak are addicted to making pancakes at the moment, he's the cook in the relationship so he doesn't normally let me interfere but he let me flip a pancake and it was my first ever successful attempt, yay me!
I'm heading back to Uni a week today so I've been spending lots of nice time with my family. Today I went to Stuart's Park with my sister, niece and nephew, fed lots of animals and spent most of our time in the playground (yes I had a little go on the slides ;))
My brother came up from Essex to visit last week, and I also met my bezzer Bryony for a catch-up over milkshakes. I don't want this relaxing time to end, this summer's gone way too fast, but I'm really going to have to start packing up my room, stress stress stress! I also need to get my sleeping pattern back in whack before those horrible 7am starts, to be honest, being up before 12 would be an achievement!
How's your week been? Who's back at school/college/uni? x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liebster Award

The lovely Vicky from Coeur d'or has chosen me for the Liebster Award, and I'd like to thank her very much!
Basically, if you're tagged you have to write 11 things about yourself, and then answer the 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you. You then choose other bloggers with less than 200 followers that you want to get to know, and choose your own 11 questions you'd like to ask them :) 

11 things about me:
1.I spent the first few years of my life living in the Lake District, before moving 'up north'
2.I also lived in Portugal for four months, and went to school there for a little while.
3.I love drawing and painting, it's something I don't spend enough time doing.
4.I love romantic films, Titanic is my fave, I can watch it over and over and still be sobbing my heart out when Jack dies.
5.I'm weirdly interested in world disasters and conspiracy theories, Titanic, 9/11, the Moon landings, 2012, I find it so interesting to think the truth is probably being hidden from us
6.I'm a massive cynic with strong opinions and could argue my way out of anything
7.I seem to be cold all the time, brrr, so one of my dreams is to move to a hot country
8.My favourite past-time is shopping, online, in store, anywhere!
9.I think I'm doing the wrong course at Uni, and plan on changing come October. There's way too much pressure to choose a career/uni course when you're young, and I'm one of those people who still doesn't know what I want to do with my life..
10.I love animals, and once stopped in the street to lay a flower down next to a dead bird haha, may you rest in peace!
11.I'm a teeny 5"2, with the upper body strength of a kitten

Vicky's questions
1.Which part of blogging do you enjoy the most?
Probably when I get an idea of something I want to blog about, and I get all excited typing about it haha. Or when someone comments on a post and you know they've enjoyed reading what you have to say.
2.What's the first thing you would buy on a sale?
Staple items like jeans. Or in a Summer sale I'd buy some winter clothes for the coming months.
3.Your favourite fashion/beauty magazines are?
Cosmopolitan and Vogue
4.Which is the first book you read in your life?
Ooh I'm not sure, I had a lot of books read to me as child but I can't remember the first one I read alone. I used to loooove the Sleepover Club books haha.
5.If you had to wear only one colour to the rest of your life, what would it be?
Red :)
6.Your favourite song at the moment is...
Hmm, it's not a new one, but Bright Eyes - First day of my life, it's beautiful, you can listen to it here
7.If you had a free air plane ticket, which destination would you choose and why?
New York! At one point I would have chosen Los Angeles, Hollywood is my dream and the thought of constant sunshine and all the glamour is amazing, but recently I've been craving a trip to The Big Apple, so much history, shopping, culture, it has everything
8.What kind of clothes do you like buying and why?
Any haha! I'm loving maxi dresses at the moment, they're just so versatile and you can get the prettiest designs. I'm also getting more into vintage clothes.
9.What's your secret hobby?
I love doing volunteer work! I've helped out for various charities, done sponsored swims, coffee evenings etc, and I volunteered as a Brownie Guide helper for two years.
10.If you have to buy only one beauty product, what would it be?
Mascara all the way. If I could only wear one beauty product for the rest of my life this would be it
11.If you had the possibility to meet your favourite blogger, what would you tell her/him?
Oh wow, I'd just congratulate them on their success, and tell them how much I love reading their blog and to keep going with it to be honest

My 11 questions for you:
1. What is your number one beauty tip?
2. What do you do in your spare time?
3. Why did you first start blogging?
4. What's your favourite film?
5. Summer or Winter?
6. What would your ideal job be?
7. If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be?
8. What's your favourite food?
9. If you could choose any person, alive or dead, to meet, who would it be?
10. What would your desert island beauty pick be?
11. Do you have any pets?

The bloggers I'd like to choose are:

love rosie xo

Thursday, 30 August 2012

august beauty wants

It's been one of those days where you just feel generally..bleurgh. The weather's crap, I'm skint, and all I want to do is curl up in bed and be comforted by Gerard Butler's voice in PS I Love You. Normally I'd be straight to the shops to cheer myself up, but there's no student finance in my bank for another 25 days, which leaves me two choices, go further and further into my overdraft (I'm already living off my rent money for next month, oopsy) or online-window-shop and dream about the things I wish I had...if only I had the self control to stop myself from spending, it's just too hard to drag myself away from that eyeshadow I 'need'.
So I decided to make a beauty wishlist to tide me over until the student finance fairys come and give me lots of spending money.

1. Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF15, £31 - I've heard amazing things about this. I don't normally wear much face make-up unless I'm going out, and liquid foundations always feel too heavy on my skin so I'm definitely going to try this, the spf is essential, even though I don't tan easily I still want to protect my skin from the sun.

2. Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit, £3.75 - I saw this in one of the amazing Essie's videos, and immediately thought I have to have that. It contains both a powder and a gel, and I love the idea of the gel to set your eyebrows, as I always get flyaway hairs.

3. MAC lipstick in Impassioned, £14 - I love all things MAC and bright, colourful lipsticks so this seems like the perfect shade for me. One of my 'September Resolutions' is too buy more high-end cosmetics, to build up my collection. A MAC product a week sounds good huh?

4. Urban Decay Naked 2, £36 - 'The most anticipated sequel of the decade', I need need need this! I love neutral shades on my eyes as I can't wear black without looking like a panda, and I've seen so many great reviews about this.

5. Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil, £13 - I've never had much luck with eye pencils, so I recently switched to liquid eyeliner which I don't like much either. Apparently this is a pencil which looks like a liquid eyeliner when applied, from the pictures I've seen, it looks great so I'm definitely going to give it a try.

I can't wait for loan day! What are your latest beauty wants? x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

the big skincare mystery

Recently, I was sent a sample of a 'wash and mask cleanser', as part of a skincare revolution. I'm always excited to try new products, but often free samples from magazines etc aren't that great. I was pleasantly surprised with this.

When I first opened it, it smelt absolutely gorgeous, it has a mix of avocado and pomegranate so  it smelt very fruity. The consistency was really smooth, I love light cleansers and usually go for foams or gels so I was pleased that this product was thick but not in an overpowering, heavy sense.
As a wash, it lathers up really well. I only needed to use a small amount and my skin felt instantly softer and very fresh afterwards. There was enough product left to use it as a mask too, and I can't recommend it highly enough for this! It was a very light mask, which didn't go hard or cakey after a few minutes. My skin felt sooo smooth and fresh after this, and was literally glowing.

I instantly checked Facebook to find out what the product was, and was shocked to find out it's Clearasil DailyClear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask.
I'd previously had a pretty low opinion of Clearasil. I tried it when I was about 13 when I had problem skin, and it was way too harsh, and dried my skin right up. This product is so gentle it's hard to believe it's the same brand. I have oily skin so I'm not sure how this would work for people with dry skin, but I'd recommend it to everyone! At £4.99 you can't complain at all, it's high end quality for a high street price, and you can buy it here.

What do you think of Clearasil? Have you tried this product? x

Friday, 24 August 2012

new look #holidayhop giveaway

The lovely Michelle at daisybutter has joined forces with New Look for an amazing giveaway. Four lucky bloggers will win upto £400 of summer clothing, who would say no?! This was the brief..

'Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You have 5 outfits for 5 occasions, so which items would you wear and why? Head over to the New Look store and start picking your favourite party dresses, bikinis and accessories. Style these Looks: Travel Style, Poolside, Beach It, Sunset Supper, Beach to Club'

So here's my entry...(I've added little hearts to the clothes/accessories I love the most!)
It's Summer and I'm bored, I'm even looking forward to going back to Uni and having something to do. Another day in front of the TV I think to myself, yawning. Suddenly the phone rings, 'Oh my goddddd, Rosie! I got my Uni results and Dad's paying for me and a friend to go on holiday...WE'RE GOING TO IBIZA!' my best friend sings in her best Vengaboys voice. I cringe, but I'm so excited! After hanging up the phone, I run upstairs and begin to look through my wardrobe. No. No. No... before long, clothes are all over the floor, and I'm panicking. I need a holiday wardrobe, fast. Where do I go? My favourite shop New Look is literally the only answer for everything holiday related...

 Apricot Cream Crochet Crop Top £19.00/ Black Embellished Pumps £17.99Black and White Stripe Jersey Maxi Skirt £16.99/ Misumi Black Moustache Jumper £19.99/ Mischa Barton Dark Red Baxter Music Bag £78.99
Total Price - £152.96

I always have to be comfortable when I travel, but also being a little bit OCD, I panic about deep vein thrombosis, so refuse to wear jeans or other tight clothing. I wanted loose clothing so I chose this gorgeous maxi skirt, which has the added bonus of covering you up, so you don't freeze from the plane's air-con! I'd throw on this cute moustache jumper if it got too chilly though. I also wanted my feet to be comfy, there'd be plenty of time for heels in Ibiza, so I chose these sparkly flats, which add a touch of glam. I chose the cropped lace top so I'd be instantly able to feel the heat when I landed, it gives that 'holiday' look. My outfit is monochrome, but I wanted to add a colour pop in the form of this bag, which is big enough to hold all of my carry-on essentials, while still looking lush. I think this outfit looks great put together, I'm really into maxi's at the moment, they're so versatile and lightweight, so this would be the perfect travel outfit for me.

 Pink Coral Double Sleeve Frill Beach Tunic £9.99/ Floral Tiered Triangle Bikini Top Now £7.00 Was £12.99/ Floral Frill Tie Up Bikini Pants Now £4.00 Was £7.99/ Shellys Blue Stripe Suede Wedge Shoes Now £30.00 Was £59.99/ Blue and Red Stripe Bow Shopper Now £9.00 Was £16.99/ M:UK Leona Catseye Sunglasses Now £7.00 Was £12.99
Total Price - £66.99 - I got so many bargains with this outfit, wow!

We can all dream we're Beyonce lying by the pool, covered in jewels and strutting around in the highest of heels. But with these gorgeous wedges, we can be! They give you extra height, (but not too much, we don't want to be toppling into the pool!) I bought this bikini as soon as I saw it, I love how the ruffles on the bikini top draw attention away from my not-so-small booty, (hey, we want to be Beyonce, right?) I went for a coral and blue theme for this outfit, I think these colours really compliment each other, and look so summery. I'd paint my nails coral too for that extra touch. Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from the sun (and checking out the hotties without being caught, hehe). The bag is the perfect size for carrying my book and suncream around, and fits in with my theme perfectly. I chose this lightweight kaftan as it's perfect for when you want to cover up, but not wear a full outfit.

Rich Purple Stripe Waterfall Cardigan £19.99/ Deep Red Suedette Cut Out Heels £19.99/ Black Sequin Bandeau Dip Hem Dress Now £21.29 Was £29.99/ Black and Gold Square Stud Earrings £2.99/ Black Patent Quilted Envelope Bag £15.99
Total Price - £80.25

I wanted to have a sultry, classy look for my sunset supper, (it's nice to dress up sometimes!) and I think this sequinned maxi dress does the job perfectly. Bang on trend, the dipped hem shows off your newly tanned pins, yet doesn't show off too much, which = one elegant girly! I teamed it with black and gold earrings, a gold bracelet, and traded my poolside beach bag for a black and gold clutch. The heels are gorgeous and add an air of sophistication, even if I do have to walk a little slower in them! I picked up some fake eyelashes in New Look (told you they have everything!) so I glue these on, and bam, instant glamour. I'd also keep this purple cardi in my bag, since we're dining al fresco, it may get chilly later on.

 Ibiza clubbing can get very wild, especially at foam parties, so I didn't want to wear a posh dress or anything too heavy that I would be worrying about all night. This beautiful frilly bikini top is perfect for a day at the beach, but also works perfectly with the blue high-waisted shorts and matching black and white skull wedges. After spending all day in the sea, my hair would be volumised and wavy, so it wouldn't take long to get ready for clubbing. Some bright red lip gloss, cat eyes with this black eyeliner, and a statement ring, and I'd be ready to go! This minimal outfit means I can go straight from the beach to the club, and don't have to carry a whole new outfit around all day. The shorts and the wedges can also be worn throughout the holiday with other outfits, so it's a win win.

Kelly Brook Mono Polka Dot Bikini Top £16.99/ Black Knotted Bikini Briefs £3.99/ High Waisted Blue Hotpants £16.99/ Black Skull Ankle Tie Wedges £24.99/ Purple and Gold Lattice Ring £4.99

Total Price - £67.95

Green Palm Leaf Print Cut Out Swimsuit £22.99/ Iron Fist Indecent Sunglasses Now £12.00 Was £24.99/ Light Blue American Flag Denim Shorts Now £10.00 Was £22.99/ Jelly Toepost Sandals Now £7.00 Was £12.99/ Red Wooden Parrot Earrings Now £2.00 Was £3.99
Total Price - £53.99

The bright, 90s, Ibiza party look is really hot at the moment, and I tried to capture this in my beach outfit. This green palm leaf swimsuit is perfect for showing off your tan, and the cut-out look is bang on trend. I like to go for more unusual, eye-catching outfits, who wants to look like everyone else? So I'd add lots of bright colours the swimsuit. I'd paint my nails bright pink, and add a slick of blue eyeliner. The parrot earrings are so cute, different, and perfect for a holiday look. The bright pink sunnies match my nails, and compliment the orange jelly shoes, which I absolutely love, takes me right back to my childhood but they're so cool now. The sand can get really hot, so these are the perfect shoes for keeping your tootsies cool, and you can wear them in the sea, no jelly fish stings, and no shoes floating away, yay! I'd also wear these American flag shorts while walking down to the beach, they give even more of a party look. 

I also picked up a few holiday essentials from New Look - 
Miss Cole Survival Tools Kit £7.99. This fab little tub includes body scrub, body wash, body cream, bath soak and a pink shower lily. Everything you need in mini sizes, perfect for a holiday!

Iced Crystal Spearmint Face Mask 99p. This is ideal for cooling your face down after a long day under the sun, amazing price too.

Ball Of Foot Gel Cushions £3.50. I couldn't go on holidays (or a night out) without these little life-savers!

Hope you enjoyed this! Which was your favourite outfit? x