Hola everyone! I go by the name of Rosie Sienna, and I'm 21 years old.
I am basically nocturnal, and spend my nights reading, painting, watching crap on the internet, and battling the many hundred thoughts bouncing around in my head. Night is my 'productive time', it's when I'm at my best, and the only time I resent this is when it's beautifully sunny outside and I'm sleeping the day away..(but I live in the North East of England so that's not often!)
Here's a few fun facts, for your enjoyment ;)

  • I celebrate my birthday on the 24th December every year, no, I don't hate it, no, I don't just get one set of presents (if I'm lucky!) and no, (to the woman in the Orange shop who exclaimed 'what an awful birthday!), I would not like to change it. 
  • I love love love loooovvvveeee shopping! But what girl doesn't? I took out an overdraft to buy the most beautiful shoes earlier this year, (not my wisest move, I can't walk in them, but hey they look great in my wardrobe!)
  • Two of my biggest fears are..dun dun dun.. Water In The Dark, (there's something so scary about being in the shower and someone turning the light out - one of my boyfriend's favourite past-times -, it reminds me of drowning, and Psycho). The second, and slightly less rational fear is Wet Floors on Public Transport... rain, snow, burst pipe, flood, whatever, there's nothing more disgusting than stepping onto a train or bus, and hearing the squelch of water mixed with random floating objects and other peoples shoe germs beneath your feet. I should really learn to drive...
  • And finally, I study English and Drama, and dream of being the next Carrie Bradshaw!
So there's a little insight into my mind, I intend to fill this blog with lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts, enjoy! x

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