Monday, 1 October 2012

october wants

I can't believe it's October already, wow where's the year gone?! I feel completely cheated out of Summer..
Here's my October wants...

I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots that will see me through till Spring and I've finally found them. River Island have a sale on Thursday so I'll be snapping up these little beauties!

Wow, I never thought I'd bother getting a BB cream but this stuff is actually a miracle in a tube! I'll do a full review when I get some. Boots have a 2 for £10 deal on Maybelline cosmetics at the moment so I'll have to treat myself to something else too!

I don't think I'll actually be getting these as they're a little out of my price range for nail polishes, but they are gorgeous in every way, even the packaging is fab. I love the caviar nail art look, but maybe I'll try it with a cheaper alternative first.

4. All the MUA make-up I can carry, ££££££
I've recently started buying MUA make up and it's amazing, especially for the dirt cheap prices. There's so many gorgeous products and colours, I want to own the whole collection.

Ms Ahern's new book comes out on the 11th October and I can't wait! She's my favourite author, I have all of her books lined up cutely on my bookcase haha. 

'Journalist Kitty Logan′s career has been destroyed by scandal, and she now faces losing the woman who guided and taught her everything she knew. At her mentor′s bedside, Kitty asks her -- what is the one story she always wanted to write?
The answer lies in a file buried in Constance′s office: a list of one hundred names. There is no synopsis, no explanation, nothing else to explain what the story is or who these people are. The list is simply a mystery.
But before Kitty can talk to her friend, it is too late.
With everything to prove, Kitty is assigned the most important task of her life -- to write the story her mentor never had the opportunity to. Kitty has to not only track down and meet the people on Constance′s list, but find out what connects them. And, in the process of hearing ordinary people′s stories, she uncovers Constance′s -- and starts to understand her own.'

Ooh exciting stuff!

So that's my October wants list, what do you have on your wishlist atm? Anyone tried any of the things on my wishlist?


  1. I really want the Ciate polishes they look so good! I love those Chelsea Boots! My obsession with them needs to stop (: xx

    1. oh same! putting them on my christmas list hehe xo