Sunday, 5 August 2012

accident and not-so-emergency

I had the joy of spending the early hours of Saturday morning in accident and emergency this weekend. I was happily painting at home when I found out my boyfriend and some of his friends had been attacked, and needed to go to the hospital. Despite my boyfriend's drunken protests I got a taxi straight through and tried to tend to him while waiting for an ambulance, but being drunk, and a boy, (not the best combination) he was more interested in smoking, making himself a sandwich, and weirdly..dancing.
While waiting the four hours to be seen and treated, it occurred to me, there's nothing 'emergency' about it. After years of catching glimpses of crazy hospital scenes in shows like Holby City and Casualty (before changing the channel like a wuss), I expected the same. Sure there were the same amount of crazy patients, but the nurses all seemed too relaxed for my liking. Where's the rushing and the shouts of 'Nurse, get me a CC of morphine, STAT'?!
Obviously I'm glad it was nothing life threatening, but I still teared up seeing my poor boy get stitches. He's been living the life of luxury ever since, I've been waiting on him hand and foot, bringing him food, drinks, giving him massages, you name it. I'm such a good egg.
How's your weekend been? Hopefully not as dramatic as mine!


  1. Poor boyfriend, hope he is better now!

  2. He's much better now thank you :) Sad that some people go out looking for fights and innocent people get hurt though xo