Wednesday, 15 August 2012

how to embarrass yourself in front of strangers

You know that girl, who you laugh at for losing a shoe while crossing the road…meaning she has to hobble back to collect it while amused, if not a little impatient, drivers beep at her? The kind of girl who feels super glam after getting her hair done, takes out her purse to pay, and the entire contents of her purse (five pounds in pennies) cascade over the floor?
Well I’m that girl! And yes, both of those things happened to me, Bridget Jones, eat your heart out!
But a couple of weeks ago, was probably my most embarrassing moment to date…
I had that ‘shopped out’ buzz, I’d just got a new job and decided to treat myself to a little shopping trip. My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up so I’d decided to treat him to me wearing some sexy new lingerie.
You know life has those little conveniences, like say, brushing your teeth in the shower, or…putting one shopping bag inside another to save hassle? Well, life decided to throw that convenience right back in my face.
My first mistake was putting a heavier bag full of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel into a notoriously flimsy Primark bag, full of aforementioned lingerie.
My second mistake was swinging said bags, while walking home and humming happily to myself.
Suddenly, I hear a thud, and my bag immediately feels a lot lighter. Imagine my horror as I realise my heavy shopping has broken the Primark bag, spilling its contents everywhere. I almost want to keep on walking, but I force myself to turn around, and scramble wildly on the floor for the too-sexy, too-lacy, too-revealing bra and knicker set, that is now on show to an elderly couple, and a young guy.
Luckily, he wasn’t hot, and I’m happily loved up, but I was still mortified. And this is where I made my third mistake…
‘Normally a guy has to buy me a drink before he sees my underwear!’ I joke, trying to salvage the situation. Great, now I sound like a slut. He doesn’t reply, he just smirks, and walks on, (and doesn’t even help me pick up my belongings!)
I keep my beetroot face down as I continue the walk home, and only when I’m safely through the door can I scream in embarrassment to myself. 


  1. Eek! Poor u, I often do silly things so I know how u feel (most recently was falling off the edge of a seat in the very swanky / expensive David guetta area at ibiza airport in front of loads of people lol) I hope ur goodies didn't get broken though!! X

    1. Oh no how embarrassing, I think I'd just laugh in that situation, not much else you can do :p Nope they were fine thanks :) My self esteem however... :p xo