Thursday, 12 September 2013

august fun

[l-r: me enjoying a night out in Edinburgh, me and my best friend Bryony, yummy curry, rice and salad my sister Heather made, and strawberry milkshakes with Bryony.]

[Not enjoying this English weather!, just chilling with the boys, out for lunch with my big brother and sister - the best jacket potato ever!]

August's been a pretty busy month for me! When I got back from Tenerife I had a lot of friends and family to see and lots of news to catch up on. I was so tired after my late night/early morning flight that I basically just slept all day when I got home, but the next night I went straight out with my best friend Bryony to our favourite Indian restaurant for a much overdue catch up! Afterwards we sat in her car on the sea front eating mini milks, how romantic!
I met a boy in Tenerife....*blushes*, and although I wasn't sure if it would be any more than a holiday romance, we decided to meet up back home! I live in the North East of England and he lives in Edinburgh so I paid him a little visit which was originally meant to be for three nights and I ended up staying for 5, much to his mothers' disapproval I'm sure! My sister Heather also lives in Edinburgh so I had a nice catch up with her and another sister who was visiting from London. Heather made us an amazing curry so I just had to take a picture - sadly the 'being able to cook' gene must have skipped me!
I've been enjoying my last few weeks before going back to university by going on nights out with friends, and meals with the family. It's just really nice to relax after a crazy summer and before the stress of uni hits again (not that I go as much as I should, oooops!)